Named by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2019, Talavera is a ceramic manufacturing technique with an enameled finish from the viceroyalty era, imported by the Spanish who settled in what is now the territory of the state of Puebla and the state of Tlaxcala; whose tradition has it lasted several centuries until today.

The project selected and supported by forLAR is the conservation of talaveras and solera bricks placed on the façade of the old Santa Mónica Convent in the City of Puebla (Cidade Cultural Heritage – UNESCO).

This area presents a severe deterioration of structural stability, compromising its conservation.

The project will be carried out through the social network activated in the community of artisans – potters living in Talavera, which mixes the preservation of Puebla traditions and the preservation of historical finishes. Local artisans, men and women, knowledgeable about the different processes, made up of artisans potters (of various ages), potters (complete family that participates) in the manufacture of slabs and fires in open artisanal furnaces, restorers, architects and architects, as well as assistants in the restoration of associated movable property.

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