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Very simple in the outside but rich in history and musicality on the inside, the museum was designed by the grandchildren of Cartola and Doña Zica and has been located at the foot of Morro da Mangueira since 2001. Located in a democratic and representative space of African descent and open to all the community. The Museum conducts rhythm workshops using samba instruments and violin to opens its doors to samba circles with renowned artists and teachers to spread and stimulate future generations of samba dancers. And in its collection, the museum has a documentation and research center with 45 thousand pieces to protect the samba matrices of Rio de Janeiro.

The Project chosen and which is being monitored by forLAR is the PROJECT of Student Visits to exhibitions through experimental education applied to people with a high level of social vulnerability, Afro-descendants and the entire community. Promotes from different elements of samba, exhibitions and experiences for visitors and students, promoting the training of future cultural agents Adding 2,500 people annually.

This project is in partnership with the Municipal Secretary of Culture, the State University of Rio de Janeiro and public schools.

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