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New projects

Humanitarian aid projects

Financing of projects in execution or previously implemented at scale. Focus on guaranteeing human rights, solutions to the emergency causes of refugees and the protection of vulnerable populations.

Preservation of historical heritage

Financing to support infrastructure renovation, architectural restoration, renovation technologies and a specialized team with relevant historical heritage in the history of the country or community.

Cultural preservation

Financing of immaterial project related to rituals and celebrations, ceremonies of ancestral origin, knowledge, modes of expression, customs and traditions, festivals and popular dances and music at risk of extinction and / or of relevance in the preservation of the culture of the country /community.

Our basic criteria to support projects:

  • Be a public organization or non-profit social organization duly registered, updated in responsible public bodies and with a commercial license;
  • Be a performance project in a country belonging to Latin America;
  • The project is aligned with our mission to act on humanitarian causes and the preservation of historical and cultural heritage;
  • Have projects of relevance to the country / community tested with statistical data;
  • Have the capacity in the financial sector to create current accounts per approved project for monitoring and impact evaluation work;
  • Have as an institutional philosophy an ethical conduct in management practices.
  • THE LATIN AMERICAN RECOVERY DOES NOT SUPPORT projects linked to political parties and organizations with religious purposes; foundations and social institutes of profit-making companies;
  • forLAR DOES NOT SUPPORT projects that will involve or benefit people on the US government’s wanted list.
  • forLAR DOES NOT SUPPORT projects that are significantly related to the activities of the tobacco, alcohol and weapons industries, as well as any illegal activity.

Project registration

One project, many lives

When accessing, the donor can search for projects already approved by filtering by field of action and/or country of interest, choosing the option which they most identify. Make your donation now.

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